The Bicycle Sessions

Recording this album is quite the ever-changing adventure… yesterday, we (Reinhard and me) had the honour of doing a recording session with Kota Miura, who plays the Ukulele. And if you’re wondering why I’m writing in English, it’s because Kota doesn’t speak German and he just might stumble upon this blog entry…

Anyway, Steffi took some wonderful photographs of yesterday’s session (some of which are surely going to end up in the album artwork), and… tataaaa… here’s a first selection:

Kota doing his thing.
The three guys from behind the cellar door
Reinhard, on the other hand, doing his thing
Reinhard getting busy transcribing my amazingly simple chord progressions
(he’s going to get his co-producer’s credit for doing that!)
Lots of beer involved in the recording process…

So… other news: Moving On today reached #45 of 218 in the „Experimental Rock“ charts on GarageBand and a whopping 4.5 stars. Not that I really care about stars or chart positions, but I’m amazed nevertheless…

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