A Tale Of Two Botany Bays…

(I’ll write in English, so that everyone concerned understands)

Lately, it seems to have come into fashion (especially over at myspace.com, which by the way

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) for new bands and side projects and what-have-you’s to call themselves Botany Bay.

Well, on the one hand that’s ok and everybody can call themselves whatever they want.

On the other hand, it’s a little bit unfortunate because sites like last.fm are starting to mix up the two (or three or whatever) bands of the same name.


We’ve been using this name since the release of our first album in 1997 and are quite used to it, so changing the name is out of the question. We’re very active at the moment, releasing a new album in about a month or so, and we won’t stop creating music after that.

So if anyone else (apart from already existing projects) wants to start a project called „Botany Bay“, I’d suggest you do a google search on „botany bay“ to find out who’s already out there (the same goes for „Portishead“, „Pink Floyd“, „The Beatles“ and „Ubik Paint“, btw), before it all gets really complicated… ;-)

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